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HIV Self-Testing Programs to Improve Testing Uptake and Increase Diagnoses

HIV self-testing (HIVST) refers to a person taking their very own sample for HIV testing after which appearing the test and interpreting the results themselves. An HIV self-test can use either oral fluid collected with a swab or blood samples gathered through a finger prick. An HIV self-test that makes use of a blood sample has been certified to be used in Canada.HIV self-testing has been included in programs models in a number of ways in distinctive countries across the world. This article will evaluation a few program models which have extended the usage of HIVST into diverse settings to attain diverse target populations.

The Virginia Department of Health carried out HIV self-testing programs centered on individuals who can not or are reluctant to get tested in conventional health care settings for a number of reasons, such as geographic isolation, stigma, a preference for privacy, etc. The Department marketed the provision of free self-test kits on Facebook. Interested people answered brief online eligibility surveys and acquired their self-test kits via way of means of mail together with literature approximately confirmatory trying out and linkage to care. Eligible customers could get hold of a check kit every 90 days.
Under a provide from the Arizona Department of Health, the community-based organization Aunt Rita’s Foundation administers statewide HIV self-testing programs. The organization markets the provision of self-test kits through social media, relationship apps, posters, billboards, and different means. Interested people go to a website, offer touch records, and get hold of a box in the mail that consists of a self-test package in addition to contact information for a linkage to care specialist, remedy records, condoms, and records about PEP and PrEP.

Studies by Emory researchers have highlighted the want for novel techniques for HIV testing among a few populations and furnished a proof base for tailored self-testing initiatives. For example, the 2019 American Men’s Internet Survey determined that 22% of gay, bisexual and other guys who’ve sex with guys (MSM) who use relationship apps said that that they’d by no means examined for HIV. The CDC-supported Evaluation of HIV Self-Testing Among Men who’ve Sex with Men Project (eSTAMP) demonstrated the success of home-primarily based totally HIV self-testing out with fast diagnostic assessments amongst MSM. This examination found that mail distribution of HIV self-tests efficaciously extended trying out frequency and analysis of HIV contamination among homosexual and bisexual guys and diagnosed infections among their social network members.

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