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The Pandemic impacted You mentally than physically.

Throughout the world, the public is being informed about the physical effects of SARS‐CoV‐2 infection and steps to take to prevent exposure to the coronavirus and manage symptoms of COVID‐19 if they appear. However, the effects on how the pandemic impacted you mentally have not been studied at length and are still not known.  A new study using a global online survey demonstrates that the pandemic impacted you mentally as stay-at-home orders resulted in a dramatic increase in unhealthful lifestyle changes. Moreover, according to the study which appeared in the journal Obesity  there were significant increases in sedentary leisure behaviors, declines in physical activity, and increases in anxiety and weight gain, especially in people with obesity. On the upside, lockdown resulted in substantial improvements in healthful eating.

Children, away from their school, friends, and colleagues, staying at home can have many questions about the outbreak and they look toward their parents or caregivers to get the answer. Not all children and parents respond to stress in the same way. Kids can experience anxiety, distress, social isolation, and an abusive environment that can have short‐ or long‐term effects on their mental health. Some common changes in children’s behavior can be :

  • Excessive crying and annoying behavior
  • Increased sadness, depression, or worry
  • Difficulties with concentration and attention
  • Changes in, or avoiding, activities that they enjoyed in the past
  • Unexpected headaches and pain throughout their bodies
  • Changes in eating habits

Doctors, nurses, and paramedics working as a front‐line force to fight the COVID‐19 outbreak may be more susceptible to develop mental health symptoms. Fear of catching a disease, long working hours, unavailability of protective gear and supplies, patient load, unavailability of effective COVID‐19 medication, death of their colleagues after exposure to COVID‐19, social distancing and isolation from their family and friends, and the dire situation of their patients may take a negative toll of the mental health of health workers.

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