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Medicine in Dentistry

General Dentistry

Expected publication: 11/2022 1st Edition 2023

Markus Tröltzsch / Philipp Kauffmann / Matthias Tröltzsch (Editor)

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Dentists generally see patients more often than doctors do and therefore play an important role in the early detection of disease. Existing general diseases also have an influence on dental treatment. Medical knowledge in dentistry is all the more relevant in an aging society with multimorbidity and multi-medication. The three editors of this book have dual degrees in dentistry and human medicine. They therefore have the necessary knowledge for the consideration of medical challenges in everyday dental planning and practice. Symptoms are discussed and the procedures presented in a problem- and action-oriented manner. The book concludes with a chapter on maintaining the health of the dental team.

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Edition Expected publication: 11/2022 1st Edition 2023


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