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Using Technology to Meet the Challenges of Medical Education

The use of technology in clinical schooling has been growing over many years. The trend in the use of technology has primarily evolved in response to the challenges of medical education. These challenges of medical education are numerous. The changing healthcare environment, with the motion of hospital treatment from the conventional medical institution placing to ambulatory medicine, has necessitated the capacity to offer care in a far shorter period of time and requires changes in documentation with all information, such as each health knowledge and medical records, turning into digital. Emphasis on cost-containment and evidence-based use of resources are a countrywide imperative. There are changes in societal expectancies in order that patient safety is a focal point at all levels of medical schooling. This has additionally raised the moral problems of learning interactions and procedures on live patients, with the long-standing teaching method of “see one, do one, teach one” no longer being accepted.

Technologies including podcasts and films with flipped classrooms, mobile devices with apps, video games, simulations (part-time trainers, included simulators, virtual reality), and wearable gadgets (google glass) are a number of the strategies to be had to cope with the converting instructional surroundings. This article affords how using technology can offer the infrastructure and basis for addressing the various demanding situations in supplying medical education for the future.The use of technology for undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing medical education has become increasingly prevalent. These modalities facilitate knowledge acquisition, enhance decision making, decorate perceptual variation, enhance ability coordination, and offer academic surrounding that engages the learner and allow gain knowledge that doesn’t endanger the affected person. The use of pc technology has the extra gain of being capable of assessing competencies and milestones, and offering the student, at any level, the gear to retain to access the clinical understanding necessary to supply quality care and be a life-long learner.

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