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How can technology help the ageing society and their needs?

The world’s population is growing older. In many countries, life expectancy has risen to 70 years or more. For the first time in history, people aged 60 and more outnumbered children under the age of five in 2020. These significant advances can be attributed to improved public health, better nutrition, better healthcare, and, most recently, the use of technology advancements helps ageing society in many ways. Big data and artificial intelligence extend healthy life expectancy and satisfy the demands of an ageing society.

New technology will aid healthy ageing and longevity by allowing people of all ages to enjoy healthier, more fulfilled lives. For example, technological improvements have been used to keep individuals physically active, enable independent living by detecting falls, smart home technology, early disease detection and management, social connection maintenance by minimising social isolation, and sustained worker engagement, to mention a few. We must create technologies that are inclusive and beneficial to all in order to realise the benefits of technology on ageing and lifespan.

Digital technology help ageing society to enhance their quality of life by allowing them to age in place while remaining connected to their loved ones. It can also help to establish a more inclusive labour and living environment for older folks, allowing them to enjoy healthy and productive lives. In the long run, technology advancements, enhanced analytics, and a better understanding of human behaviour and the biology of ageing will move therapy upstream, shifting the focus from disease treatment to disease prevention and health promotion.


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