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What is Femtech? Technology for Women’s Health

Femtech — technology for women’s health that has the ability to radically enhance health outcomes for women globally. Incorporating artificial intelligence, system learning, software, diagnostics, products, and services, femtech is a rising enterprise that is already shifting medical practice. AI can have a profound effect on women’s health outcomes, in areas consisting of ovarian, breast, and cervical cancers, assistive reproduction, endometriosis, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Adelaide-based organization Presagen has demonstrated simply what AI has to provide when it comes to women’s health. The organization’s software-based scalable AI technology is designed to be introduced globally at a low cost, to maximize reach to girls throughout the world.

In the sector of IVF, Presagen’s Life Whisperer technology makes use of AI to examine photos of embryos, selecting the healthiest ones to enhance being pregnant outcomes for couples struggling with fertility. Built thru a system studying the use of thousands of photos, the product assesses two-dimensional or microscope images of embryos and presents a self-assurance score at the probability that being pregnant will result.
Femtech, a technology for women’s health, is divided into four general applications:

  • Reproductive health: Menstruation tracking, at-home fertility monitoring
  • Healthcare & diagnostics: Diagnostic tests & screening, disorder management, pelvic, uterine & menstruation health
  • Pregnancy & nursing care: Maternal and postnatal-associated health conditions (consisting of mental health), breastfeeding
  • General Health: Nutrition and fitness, mental health, sexual wellness

Femtech is about more than simply creating profitable products. It is set innovating products that fill a need for girls in a powerful way, coming from a procedure in which girls are involved from concept and manufacturing to advertising and marketing and distribution. Take Aunt Flow for example. If toilet paper is loose, Aunt Flow believes tampons need to be loose too. This femtech organization shares office and enterprise lavatories with 100% cotton menstrual merchandise for customers and personnel to apply for loose. Another femtech startup, Thinx, sells menstruation underclothes this is particularly absorbent, leak-proof, and presents an opportunity length experience. Flex has reinvented the tampon. Their disposable menstrual disc is healthier, greater eco-friendly, and less painful than conventional tampons.

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