Consumers get frustrated when they get the runaround or insufficient answers to their most pressing questions from health care payers and providers. Similar to the scenarios that have occurred in other industries such as e-commerce, healthcare providers are now being judged by their patients’ digital experience. According to a new study, the more digital healthcare takes hold, the more consumers will switch providers if they find dealing with their doctor, hospital or other online organization is in any case less than satisfactory.

The survey found that 41 percent of customers should avoid utilizing poorly constructed mobile appointments or associated methods and inconsistent transmission of electronic information to their healthcare provider because of a bad user experience of paying bills electronically. The study further shows that mobile interactions can be a major reason why users write negative online reviews from suppliers, including highly influential ratings. For example, due to a poor virtual experience, about one in five users are given a negative review of a company and 52 percent visit online review platforms while selecting a provider, with 44 percent of these people referencing the reviews as a significant factor in their decision. Digital healthcare has for sure taken a good hold on the way people view their services.