We all know that as individuals we are constantly learning and unlearning. the process of learning is till we die.

Today, every Profession demands committed learning in order to progress. It has to be undertaken simultaneously.

This commitment to continuing learning is most evident in the vocation of Healthcare.

DocMode has established with our many years in this space of healthcare learning that with the very nature of constant updates in evidence-based-learning, by default or by design, learning is continuing. For this reason, the term CMEs or continuing medical education has become an integral part of every Healthcare Professional, especially among physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals Default – If you want better patient outcomes then you have to continue to LEARN

Design – if you want to continue your practice license in almost all countries today you have to fulfill regulatory requirements of certain hours in continuing learning. If you wish to enhance your career and increase business, learning is essential.

The current substitute for online CMEs is where medical universities, hospitals or associations have Medical Education symposiums conducted in Hotels or Hospital area. The university or associations also provide CMEs. Healthcare Professionals engage in continuing learning which are mostly offered to them either by hospitals or by medico-marketing (industry Support). Medical Associations Bodies in developing countries are the most active in creating CME activities.

As an outcome based learning platform in the constantly changing field of scientific -evidence based medicine, DocMode is about standardising and democratising learning in healthcare. (watch out for this space for more on DocMode’s commitment to enhance learning experience in healthcare)

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