Coronavirus is impacting not only the healthcare sector but also every industry present in the world. The administration techniques, communication channels, and objectives of all organizations are changing and adjusting themselves around coronavirus. The pandemic has given rise to new career prospects all over the globe, most of them are still in their shell trying to figure out a way to get out.

As healthcare took a major hit, various solutions to maintain the strength of this healthcare were found. These solutions provided a variety of new career prospects in healthcare. The medical assistants, pharmacy techs, licensed nurses were some of the jobs that do not require medical degrees. These people are the need of the hour, and their growth could further lead to their expansion as well. Also, the requirements of people who can code medical bills correctly, with knowledge of medical terms and procedures are increasing.

With the majority of people in quarantine and an extreme shortage of labor work, there is an urgent need for automation at work. The investment in automating supply chains cannot happen overnight and will not happen amid the crises. Researchers agree that after this crisis, many of the industries will be aiming to have some automation across their businesses. However, many jobs such as making deliveries, stocking shelves, transporting trucks require men and not machines. And these are essential to keep the countries running during a pandemic. But many of them have automated some processes to some extent. Such as consumers relying on online grocery ordering on eCommerce platforms will possibly adopt that behavior permanently.  Coronavirus will lead to an evolutionary change in the manufacture and distribution of goods around the world, with the processes shifting closer to home, but only with increased automation will be possible.

Education Tech all over the world is under great pressure to keep the learning and development of students active. Although schools and universities may struggle to adapt to this transition, experts agree that the mass adoption of online learning would favor private EdTech enterprises and boost their growth in the future. In just three weeks, teachers had to learn how to use online platforms, adapt their teaching methods, maintain student engagement and find new ways of evaluating students. But this could be useful in the near future. 

Another aspect of the boom in new career prospects is the communication and coordination tools that staff is using to operate from home. One of the most prominent and benefitted company that is in great demand is Zoom. Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said several businesses had quickly come to realize the need for a device such as Zoom due to the spread of coronavirus. Companies that will build tools and provide services that will facilitate remote work will see great demand and rise in the upcoming years.