Like water is the most important ingredient for the nourishment of our body, tears in our eyes are also important for the well-being of our eyes. Tears are necessary to provide lubrication to our eyes that reduces eye infections, washes away all the dirt and bacterial matter in the eye keeps the surface clean and smooth and helps to maintain clear vision. Dry eyes occur when a person doesn’t produce enough tears or has poor-quality tears or when tear production and drainage are not in balance.

An ophthalmologist, Dr. Mohammad Emad Alilo recently conducted a study in which he identified the top five eye problems in the last five years in UAE. Dry eyes is the most common eye problem in the UAE. It is also the fastest-growing ophthalmological concern in the UAE, followed by diabetic retinopathy. Even small children in the UAE are suffering from persistent dry eyes because of the arid climate in the region and the extreme exposure to smart screens. 

“The rate of people suffering from dry eye syndrome in the country has doubled over the last decade, and the condition is not only uncomfortable but can become irreversible if left untreated. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the symptoms seriously in the early stages,” Dr. Yogesh Kapoor, medical director of Yateem Eye Centre and Day Care Surgery, told Gulf News.

It is believed that if preventive care is not taken immediately, dry eye syndrome can damage the cornea of those suffering. One of the major reasons for dry eyes is over-exposure to digital screens. On average, human beings tend to blink about 20 times every minute, but this rate decreases to just about 10 blinks a minute when looking at a computer screen.

Dr.Alilo gave preventive care tips to combat dry eyes in the “5th Al Qasimi International Ophthalmology Conference” where he was interviewed.

  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun, dust, and chemicals. Use sunglasses or eye shades.
  • Adjust the work environment and avoid possible long exposure to the air conditioning.
  • Practice good eye hygiene which begins with diet and nutrition of Omega 3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and Vitamins C and E.
  • Rest and sleep well.
  • Children and people over the age of 50 should get yearly eye checkups.
  • Blinking often while reading books or using mobiles or computers for longer periods of time.

Dry eyes can hinder the performance of performance and can create disruption in the daily activities of life. With basic training and awareness, people in the UAE can easily combat this rising eye concern.