Exponential Medicine is a hands-on program designed for the clinicians, innovators, investors, executives, and makers driving progress in smart ways. Exponential Medicine focuses on the implications of breakthrough developments such as 3D printing, personalized stem cell lines, point-of-care lab-on-a-chip diagnostics, robotics, augmented intelligence, machine learning, large-scale bioinformatics, synthetic biology, low-cost genomics, gene editing, blockchain and more.

Overview of exponential medicine:

  • Information is power: Daniel Kraft, the faculty chair for medicine at Singularity University, informs that for him the most basic application of exponential technology to global health is the mobile phone. Simply having cell phone access can enable someone to reach a specialist they might never have accessed before
  •  Integration is key: the integration of apps for preventing and managing common conditions can be the key to access global easily available healthcare. Virtual doctor, telehealth platform, access to information, prevention, diagnostics, and guidance for therapy can be a smarter way to stay healthy.
  •  Technology will replace experts: The cheap, easily available source of medication via technology can soon doctors, physicians, pathologists and mostly all the medical experts.
  •  User experience matters: No matter how great the technology, the best new gadgets for a given global health challenge will never be successful if there is not enough attention paid to the user experience and user interface.
  •  Design for tomorrow’s technology: Organizations working with community health experts are working towards developing more and more advanced technology for the betterment of the medicine and treatment to make the global healthcare system dependable and progressing. Through the application of the power, speed, and direction of accelerating exponential technologies that can be applied across multiple realms of health care.