Living in a developing nation or underdeveloped nation in rural or urban areas, whether in India or in other nations, means you would be deprived of quality health care services, because these areas do not typically have sufficient doctors, hospitals and other health care infrastructure. Sevati Devi Memorial Digital Medical Centers, a project of Techno-Telemedicine & Telehealthcare, came up with the idea of globalizing healthcare with the help of the new technology to solve this bleak situation.

Reducing the cost per consultation 

Preparing person to become a consultant costs several crores of rupees and approx. 15 years. With the technologies developed in this project by Dr. Arvind Aggarwal, and using the latest developments, consultants will be able to treat 8 times more patients along with a better diagnosis of efficiency. Thus the cost per consultation is reduced to 1/8th. Establishing digital medical centers in rural areas would create a network from which patients in rural areas can access such specialized services from their community without having to commute to large cities. Thus world-class medical care will be for everybody, everywhere and anytime at a reasonable cost.

Facilitating global communication

Global consulting data will be available on the cloud for  medical personnel to access as per their need.    A doctor at the Digital Medical Center will immediately communicate with the specialist consultant, who would be able to see the doctor and patient at DMC, see the patient’s reports, and conduct the patient’s evaluation and examination remotely. The system of text and speech translation  will help in global communication.

The use of drones to deliver medicines

The prescription produced at DMC shall be transmitted electronically to the nearby pharmaceutical warehouse, which shall distribute the medicines quickly to the patient’s home or office or other preferred location in areas without roads or means of transportation, with the aid of drones, and the payment shall be made by credit cards or Aadhar cards etc.

Better diagnosis

For a better diagnosis, the enhanced digital format can help the consultant access the EMR file in around 1-1.5 minutes. This will boost the number of patients attended by 8-10 times, and will reduce the appointment fee to 1/8-1/10 times. This saves time, increases efficiency and improves evaluation as the patient information obtained is better than traditional method information.

With globalization of healthcare being in the near future, traditional systems need to embrace this change has the world is becoming a connected huge all-accessible market.