Homeopathy is currently the world’s second-largest form of treatment, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The history of Homeopathy was established just over 200 years ago by German physicist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Hahnemann was deeply disillusioned with Doctors of conventional medicine routinely using bleeding and excessive purging to treat diseases. This condition of medical practice that led him to leave his medical career.  While translating William Cullen’s Materia Medica lectures, he found a statement that the cinchona (quinine) bark had specific febrifugal (fever-relieving) properties because it was one of the most aromatic and bitter substances. It ignited the mind and interest of his’ science.’ He was eager to test the theory and consumed a cinchona bark decoction to test the effects and produced a chill-like malaria-like fever. This was his moment of’ Eureka’ that laid the groundwork for homeopathy. Dr. Hahnemann explained his theory in homeopathy: Love heals Things, which means that it can heal what a drug can induce. Through this, we recognize how drugs in a healthy individual that cause a set of symptoms will affect a sick person who has a different set of symptoms.

Bullying made life impossible for Hahnemann in Leipzig; he was abused and hunted out of the city. He also continued his practice of homeopathy wherever he went during his exile. Eventually, Hahnemann traveled to Paris (with his study of homeopathy) making the city the largest global donor to homeopathy, preceded by Germany. In 1810, when Dr. John Martin Honigberger, a French traveler who learned homeopathy from Dr. Hahnemann, visited India and treated patients, homeopathy came to India. He diagnosed Maharaja Ranjit Singh, then Punjab’s king, with Dulcamara’s homeopathic remedy while suffering from vocal cord paralysis.

There are more than 2,000 clinically proven homeopathic medicines in practice today from 200 drugs in the time of Hahnemann. This is amazing because enlisting a single new medication in the field of pharmacy allopathy takes at least 10 years. Over the counter (OTC) homeopathic medicines are now available. For almost every pharmacy in France including it, the homeopathy market has grown in the last 10 years.