When we have acne or other skin related inflammations, we always quickly reach out for spot treatments, DIY masks, and beauty creams. But have we ever thought that acne might be more than just due to dirt on the skin? Many researchers and skin experts say that an imbalance in the gut microbiome can cause the skin to suffer badly and then inflammations as acne, eczema, and rosacea occur. There can be many reasons for bad gut health such as poor metabolism and digestion, poor diet (sugars, alcohol, processed food, low fiber diet), intake of antibiotics, stress, chemicals in the environment, etc. Also using harsh cleansers and topical products can cause breakouts. So probiotics can fight acne and improve gut health.

Probiotics can be a great road to take for gut health and skincare. Probiotics are living, gut-friendly bacteria that can profit our overall well-being by smoothing our digestion, battling potential pathogens or damage to the environment, and even strengthening our immune system. Probiotics can be used in two ways for treating acne — in the forms of topically applied probiotic-rich products such as masks, cleansers, and creams, and therapeutic probiotic supplements. However, topical treatments will not give you any inner benefits. Probiotic supplements work from the inside out, allowing you to enjoy improved digestive health, better mental condition, and healthier skin benefits. These probiotics can be found naturally in yogurt, sauerkraut, miso soup, kombucha, etc.

Along with eliminating contaminants such as GMOs, fats, antibiotics, and refined foods from your diet, probiotics can fight acne and will improve the gut lining and help protect against any leakage of contaminants — as well as possible skin inflammations. Whilst searching for effective probiotic supplements for safe skin, there are a few things to consider. Ensure there are at least one billion CFUs per dose on the supplement. Find a supplement that has an efficient distribution network. Most live bacteria are killed by stomach acids before they even get a chance to reach your intestines and improve your health and immunity. Actually, most capsules and other forms only allow 4 percent of the bacteria to possibly reach your digestive tract.

Note, if you experience unexplained skin irritation or skin disorders cystic acne, eczema, and others, it’s your body’s giving out a distress signal to let you know something’s wrong inside the body. You must look in your diet and remove foods that are harmful to your intestine, and consider adding a probiotic supplement to your daily diet to increase your bacteria levels.