India is doing its utmost to fight the virus, given its infrastructure and large population, through numerous awareness campaigns. Startups are moving to the frontiers and are taking an initiative by adopting tech to tackle COVID-19. Here are some startups providing groundbreaking services in the time of the pandemic.

Clinikk Healthcare: Clinikk Healthcare, a health-tech start-up is offering primary care 24/7 via its doctors’ network and announced Coronavirus Support Plans including Rs 1 lakh insurance cover for COVID-19 infected people and free teleconsultation networks for the general public.

Turtle Shell Technologies: Dozee, a Turtle Shell Technologies device that is a contact-free health monitor that monitors heartbeat, respiration, sleep, and stress recovery with 98.4 percent accuracy in the medical grade. This is a tool that offers data on continuous breathing, without the need for wires or other technological knowledge.

Healthians: Healthians, a doorstep test provider has launched a chatbot to spread correct information about the virus. The CEO explained that it is trained to answer frequently asked questions on the new coronavirus. This step was taken to quickly resolve the issues and help people get self-informed.

Bione: Another company, Bione, has discovered different variants of genes that are responsible for the susceptibility of an organism to coronavirus. They have also developed a COVID-19-focused microbiome test, which in combination with its AI, predictive analytical tools will provide individuals with modified recommendations to improve their specific microbiome and thus be more resistant to Coronavirus and be able to counter COVID-19.

Docmode: Docmode is a digital learning platform that provides free lectures and certified courses for doctors and other medical personnel to support continuing medical education (CME). Through a skilled team of professionals, the company has grown over the past decade and today works in collaboration with big associations like Indian Diabetic Association, Indian Dental Association, Cleveland Clinic, International Council of Ophthalmology among many others. Topics like brain disorders, critical care, infectious disease, medicolegal, dental, nutrition, etc are covered in the content provided by the 10-year-old startup. The company uses tech to tackle COVID-19, by offering online learning to healthcare professionals.

Addressing the problem of insufficient ventilators

The number of people requiring medical help is much more than the current healthcare infrastructure can provide. A report by the ICMR stated that 5 percent of those infected with the coronavirus will require mechanical ventilation. To help with this emergency the FDA has authorized the use of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) and similar devices. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a non-invasive ventilation mode that is used in the emergency department and intensive care facilities to manage a range of respiratory conditions. In low-resource environments where ventilators are not accessible, the opportunity to improvise a CPAP system from locally accessible equipment will provide patients in respiratory distress with an adequate means of respiratory support. With the public and private sector putting their head together and help from our startups, dealing with the current health crisis seems more achievable.

Tech To Tackle COVID-19