Introducing Rapid Scan: Technology to Fight Infectious Diseases
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Emerging Infectious diseases are the growing concern of countries all over the world. This is because of the multiple increasing infections infiltrating the human world due to population density, travel, and trade, mass destruction of wildlife, climate change, and agricultural practices. To fight the current infectious diseases and future ones, many of the companies are inventing new kinds of technologies and tools to monitor and prevent harmful pathogens. Among such new technology to fight infectious diseases is a recent one launched by Rapid Scan. It is the leading thermal imaging and bio solutions provider and has launched Rapid Scan – it’s a flagship product that is the first line of protection against infectious diseases. It is an intuitive thermal biometric camera solution incorporating body temperature monitoring, access control, and facial recognition technology to create an additional security layer for COVID-19 customers and employees and many other infectious viruses.

Communities can’t keep activities isolated forever. The companies and economy cannot face any more loss. So this technology helps in managing the pandemic.  The temperature monitoring program running Rapid Scan detects fevers in real-time. The thermal scanner, accurate to within 0.54F, is the ideal addition to a biosafety system. This hands-free, automated body temperature screening system uses advanced facial recognition and infrared temperature screening technology to identify workers and visitors with high temperatures that allow them to be easily removed from premises, thereby preventing disease spread to other employees, contractors, and customers.

Scanner stands for stable thermal imaging systems – with convenient features such as plug-in cables and external USB connections. The all-steel structure helps the stands to withstand industrial and commercial rigors. Rapid Scan’s White Glove Installation Service ensures the temperature screening system and thermal scanner stand are correctly installed in a convenient location right from the outset. 

Capable of being used outdoors and at night, this thermal scanner is suitable for any company that wants to prevent more downfall in business due to COVID-19, or any other infectious disease, and is especially important for medical centers, hospitals, dentists, physiotherapists, law firms, restaurants, and retailers.