Colostrum, commonly known as breastmilk, is highly recommended by leading medical and health organizations, including the WHO (World Health Organization). It has been acknowledged as the most suitable and perfect meal for newborns, especially during the initial days after birth. nutrients and natural fluids

As it comes packed with all the essential nutrients and natural fluids, colostrum is the best way for the baby to have a healthy, steady, and effective growth. Let’s have a look at the various features and benefits of Colostrum. 

Features of Colostrum

The process of colostrum generation initiates right after the mother delivers. During the early days of delivery, the colostrum produced is yellowish, sticky, and scant in appearance.  

The body continues to produce colostrum for many days after the delivery. However, as and when the production increases, colostrum tends to turn whiter in color. The color and thickness of colostrum depend on various natural and hormonal factors.

Benefits of Colostrum

As compared to other mature milk, colostrum is richer in vitamin A, sodium chloride, proteins, antibodies, and carbohydrates. It contains a lower amount of fats and more minerals and amino acids, which is the best combination of cell growth and development. 

Colostrum also benefits the baby’s digestive system as it promotes gut flora and prevents the formation of harmful bacterial growth. Colostrum contains many helpful antibodies, including Immunoglobulin A (IgA), which safeguards the mucous membranes present in the baby’s throat, intestines, and lungs. That means it is of great help in strengthening the newborn’s immune system. 

Colostrum is the most nutritious food for newborns, especially during the first few days post-birth. It is rich in nutrients and contains considerable amounts of antibodies that help prevent the child from catching all kinds of bacterial infections.

The protein content is easily digested and absorbed by the body, enabling enhanced brain development. Colostrum also supplies adequate nutrients that promote gut maturation, thereby improving a baby’s digestive system. 

nutrients and natural fluids