The healthcare industry has been witnessing massive changes in terms of disruptive technologies coming in, and patients getting more knowledgeable. At this critical juncture, the pharma industry must rethink its ways to engage with doctors and add more value to the conversation.

Doctors today are more open to technology than ever, and so are their patients. Be it being connected online with the patient sharing reports and updates, or looking up more information on the disease diagnosis. So what do doctors today look for? How can pharma companies address their needs and make it beneficial for all the stakeholders?

More fruitful engagement with the industry

Doctors want the industry reps to not just sell them products, but to work with them towards improving the quality of healthcare. Companies can look at this opportunity to assist doctors in patient information services, online consultations amongst other ways to bring in a more holistic view of healthcare.

Knowledge partners

With technology innovations, doctors no longer are passive consumers. They are making an effort to become an active part of the movement by staying abreast of what’s latest. The industry cannot just stay on the fence and market its products. It must fit in the role of a knowledge partner by making relevant information accessible to all.

Better services

Excellent customer service is the key these days, from e-commerce to QSRs. Doctors can see the difference in service delivery as both a service provider and then as a receiver. This very differentiation has given rise to the need to make access to patients swifter, make resources available faster and help them deliver value to their patients. 

Help ensure adherence 

 One of the pet peeves of doctors is the non-compliant patients, the ones who don’t adhere to the line of treatment or medicines. The success of health tracking apps has given the medical fraternity a ray of hope in low-adherence cases where patients need monitoring and can manage with the insights collected through these apps. Industry players can help tap this potential market for healthcare professionals. 

Credible information  

 Patients these days are looking up diseases and symptoms before they even turn up at a doctor’s clinic. To ensure what they are reading is credible, doctors are relying on the industry marketers. Pharma companies must make trustworthy information available to help patients make informed decisions. 

Partners, not sales-reps

With time, the age-old doctor and MR relationship have also undergone a sea change. In recent times, doctors now see the industry reps to be a partner, and not just a salesperson pushing a product. From meeting face to face, doctors now are willing to leverage technology to stay connected with MR’s. The industry must explore online tools to connect and engage with doctors and add value to the process.