We are living in a world where technology is all-pervasive. Modern-age technology is transforming the systems of almost every sector. Similarly, technology is redefining the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, it is reshaping the way healthcare processes, diagnosis, management, finances and delivery of services are operated. Now, when we talk about modern-era health, it includes technologies like wearable, mobiles to track health status, cloud technology for administration and management, Artificial Intelligence for diagnosis and surgical operations and many more.

It is being argued that technology has made us healthier, increasing life expectancies and improving the quality of life. Even the remote areas are well connected due to mobile penetration, adoption of enabled tools for diagnosis and treatment is making healthcare delivery faster and bringing it right to the doorstep of the patients. The following are the different technology-driven tools that are making healthcare bigger and better.

Electronic health records (EHRs)

In the past, healthcare organizations had discordant information storing systems due to which sharing, transferring and security of patient records was always at risk. Now computerized, electronic health records and big data systems allow a systematic, fast and more integrated information system which makes the healthcare data secure.

Telehealth and Telemedicine

These two healthcare branches are becoming more popular, successful and accepted by the patients because they are delivering healthcare in rural and remote areas where it is needed the most and the cost benefits of these are substantial.

Remote monitoring tools

Patients are themselves monitoring their health at home through remote monitoring tools. It saves a lot of money and reduces unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office. These tools also help to digitally exchange health data during emergencies and for the patients living far away.

Wearable Technology

These are the fastest-growing health devices in the market since they allow the wearer and doctors to assess the health continuously and easily. They also alert about serious medical issues.

Genome Sequencing

This means analyzing and decoding DNAs of different organisms, which helps to obtain genomic information. Through genomic information, scientists can understand the functioning of different organisms and their bodies and organs. It is the key to unlock various treatments and personalized medicine.

These were some branches through which technology is redefining healthcare. This partnership between healthcare and technology is an important step to create a bright future for global healthcare and pharma business.