Why do Disasters and Pandemics lead to the baby boom? | DocMode

It is well-known from history that events such as disasters and pandemics lead to the baby boom. These events can be as big as wars or pandemics or natural disasters such as blackouts or hurricanes. Normally people stay busy in their fast-paced metropolitan lives, which doesn’t allow them to spend quality time with their spouses or family. But during pandemics, people are forced to stay indoors. This gives couples the opportunity to spend more intimate and close time together.   

The first-ever major baby boom was after World War 1 when the soldiers returned to their homes after years. But staying home isn’t the only reason that leads to the baby boom. A lot of medical professionals note pandemics lead to the baby boom because the pharmacies where couples can get birth control and condoms are closed or out of stock. The difficulty in accessing birth control can also lead to increased births. 

So will the history repeat itself and the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to an explosion of ‘corona-babies’? Since this lockdown can result in surges in the number of pregnancies, in nine months- around Christmas, there could be a strain on maternity services as babies will roll in.  Maternity Services have already braced themselves for the generation of corona-babies. 

However, many experts believe that instead of a rise in birth rates, there could be a rise in domestic violence. This is because governments have made contraceptive services accessible during the lockdown and financial and emotional pressures of being caged can lead to people acting angry.