Pharmacology is a great medical field that expands beyond drugs and medicines.  Pharmacologists Study the impact chemicals have on living organisms and finding out how and why we should use them as medicines. Working in pharmacology means enhancing, and even saving, human and animal lives.To encourage this field Maharashtra University of Health Sciences has set up a major opportunity for homeopathic practitioners to take up their certificate course in modern pharmacology. When this course was initially launched, only 5,000 registered homeopaths were allowed to register for it.  

After receiving a good response from the practitioners and to include senior and experienced doctors under their umbrella the MHC has given its nod to enroll more and more number of homeopathic practitioners every year. In 2018-2019, MHC allowed registration numbers 1 to 40,000 to apply for the admissions. This year The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) has invited online applications for the 2020 academic sessions from qualified candidates for a certificate course in modern pharmacology.  Applicants who have registered with the Maharashtra Homeopathic Council, Mumbai and whose registration number ranges from 01 to 60,000 are eligible to apply for the 2020-21 academic year. The applicants, whose registration number exceeds 60,000, are not registered and will not register for the academic year 2020-21 in this year.All of the details for this Modern Pharmacology Certificate Course can be found on the University website, i.e. 

The program starts with a simple module of Pharmacology Concepts and leads through courses covering the workings of medicines, testing techniques and review. The pharmacology sector is rich with opportunities. With pharmacology there will always be something new to learn. This is the area that drives forward healthcare, guided by our common desire to alleviate misery and increase the duration and quality of our lives.