Looking at the rising trend of various epidemic illnesses and fatal outbreaks that are rampant everywhere across the globe, the World Health Organization (WHO) has outlined a set of health challenges to be looked after in this decade. 

Coined as Healthcare Goals for 2020, WHO, the apex health organization, has put across a comprehensive list that includes everything from climate-change-related health problems to providing medical assistance in conflicted areas. The list also contains other miscellaneous issues that are affecting a significant number of people around the world. Let’s discover more about WHO healthcare goals for 2020-2029.

  • Elevating health in the climate debate 

A harsh reality, climate change brings along prominent health issues. So much so that extreme weather events like cyclones and tsunamis claim around 7 million lives each year. Not only that, harmful industrial emissions continue to increase the onsets of cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, etc. 

  • Delivering health during conflicts and crisis 

The world is seeing a refugee situation due to political disturbances and conflicts in many areas. There is bare minimum social protection in terms of emergency healthcare services when it comes to rescuing people in such areas. In 2019, Syria and other similar regions had required WHO assistance. Healthcare goals for 2020 seeks to strengthen healthcare delivery in these vulnerable parts of the world.

  • A fairer healthcare for everyone

Due to the rising income inequality, health influencers are being strongly linked to the masses’ socioeconomic status. On average, the life expectancy of people in developed countries is 17 years more than that of people in poorer nations. As per WHO’s guidelines for this decade, healthcare services and infrastructure aims to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

  • Preparing for epidemics

In present times, nations are spending way more on curing epidemics than on preventing them in the first place. WHO suggests that novel infections will always be lurking around. Healthcare goals for 2020 list guides investing in surveillance systems and improving public health infrastructure to reduce death rates.

  • Enabling access to medicines 

Despite technological and other advancements, one-third of the world does not have access to essential diagnostic and medical tools. In developing countries like India, healthcare costs are borne out-of-pocket by the people and it is mostly on expensive medicines. As per WHO guidelines, healthcare would be made cheaper and more accessible for those in severe need. 

  • Curbing infections and epidemics 

Each year, infectious diseases and epidemics claim millions of lives – especially those from developing countries and poorer backgrounds. Through its healthcare goals for 2020, the World Health Organization is urging governments to strengthen their immunization drives and tackle critical issues such as antibiotic resistance. 

  • Utilizing the latest technology 

Thanks to technological developments that healthcare services and delivery are able to reach newer heights with novel cancer therapies, holistic healthcare, gene editing, improved diagnostics, etc. WHO guidelines for 2020 aim at utilizing and harnessing the latest technology for furthermore exceptional healthcare facilities. 

  • Investing in medical professionals 

WHO’s healthcare goals for 2020 diligently takes care of the manpower involved in defending our health. That is, it aims to provide adequately for the doctors, nurses, medical caregivers, and other professionals. Not only that, investment in the form of best quality health education and training is also being provided so that they are well-prepared to tackle all kinds of infections and outbreaks. 

  • Safeguarding the adolescents

As per WHO findings, worldwide more than a million teenagers between 10-19 years of age die every year. Some of the most disturbing causes of such deaths include unfavorable birth conditions, malnutrition, childhood maltreatment, substance abuse, etc. WHO healthcare goals for this decade aim at preventing adolescent deaths as much as possible.

  • Safeguarding formulae that protect us 

Last but not the least, WHO also has a special mention for the formulae and medicines that helps in combating deadly viruses and illnesses. As more and more novel infections are coming through, there is a need for regularizing the market for antibiotics and making investments in newer forms of antibiotics. Healthcare goals for 2020 list also eye the antimicrobial resistance which could undo decades of medicinal progress. 

The final word

Despite most of the difficult situations requiring long-term and multidisciplinary interventions, WHO assures that its healthcare goals for 2020 are manageable and within reach.