Our lifestyle has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic knocked the world into a state of turmoil. We now start our day with attending zoom meetings or lectures,followed by work from home or scrolling through social media, cooking and baking, painting or drawing. The time we spend on screens of television, mobiles and laptops have increased dramatically owing to the social distancing and lockdown norms. Internet of Things (IoT) is our lockdown partner to help us create innovations and seek care and help in this pandemic. With the ability to dramatically improve the way we communicate with the contemporary world, IoT has become primarily one of the common phrases in the technical domain today. The most important role played by it is in healthcare. IoT revolutionized medical care by connecting the world to healthcare devices and networks to keep the communication between healthcare and people going on.

The coronavirus outbreak has prompted IoT healthcare companies to provide prompt solutions to tackle the growing demand for high quality medical services. It has enabled medical connectivity of high level to control the rapidly spreading virus. It is fueling telemedicine and interactive medicine which took over the entire control of the ecosystem of healthcare.

IoT revolutionized medical care and now IoT devices are used from connected drone monitoring to thermal heat scanners to collect data and pass this information on to governments or healthcare sectors. In addition, in Wuhan , China, smart hospitals were set up to assist healthcare professionals, these hospitals were the ideal example of AIoT, a combination of the internet of things and artificial intelligence. These AI-based robots performed remarkably well for their responsibility, from scanning body temperatures and monitoring heart rate to cleaning and disinfecting the premise.

IoT services and technology may be the most prominent innovation that has given healthcare industry impressions. It has given us many opportunities for innovation, all we need to do is stay committed to innovation and the quality production of this remarkable connected technology.