One of the most effective ways to run a company is by making its client-based. It is always about the customer benefits that will draw them to your brand. This rule is applicable to all markets, including the pharma sector. Pharma companies often wonder why they do not do well out there even after aggressively marketing their product. What they may fail to understand is that all their marketing and advertising strategies are centered around the product or their brand, not the client. There needs to be more engagement between companies and their target customer base for this to change. 

New Science and implementation of new approaches

Biopharma companies are required to welcome New Science and implement new approaches to promote patient and customer involvement. New Science is anticipated to prompt 54% of the industry’s growth through 2022.  These more personalized, targeted, and efficacious treatments need a much more client-based marketing approach. Now, this, of course, means transitioning from traditional advertisements methods and portals to concentrating on the individual person and the kind of interventions that will lead to better medical outcomes.

Where does the problem lie?

As part of a broader cross-industry research program with 564 CEOs and 935 chief executive officers, Accenture had conducted a study with 40 biopharmaceutical CEOs and their marketing members. They noticed that nearly half of the business leaders polled that they lack a clear idea of what consumers need or want. Furthermore, they found in a previous study that nearly 50% of patients stated pharmaceutical firms do not recognize what they need to control their wellbeing. However, about 35 percent of patients claimed the industry is “excellent” or “good” at first placing patients.

Points to remember

The guiding principle is to consider what clients and patients need, predicting it, and always offering it in real-time. In order to do so, advertisers also need to look further than the walls of the corporate and adopt new internal and external collaborations and technologies that will provide the products and services that consumers desire.

Organizations must optimize results for patients with the use of expertise to pair medication, experience, and technology. Businesses need to develop operating models structured around achieving those outcomes, leveraging practical feedback from patients, families, their health care professionals, hospitals, and payers, driven by technologies such as AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning, and supported by a potential staff with newly acquired skills and competencies.

The firm must build new ways of working to put together cross-functional partners beyond positioning and collaboration strategies for launching, connecting data and designing through data compilation, advisory boards, and co-creation of solutions with patients and clients.

In this way, by adopting these strategies in their marketing structure, pharma firms can ensure that they are providing the best quality treatment to their clients as required by them. A little research and understanding of the patient will go a long way and will lead to long term growth of the firm.