Teeth straightening is important for improved oral hygiene and dental health, better bite, protection of gums and also mental health as it helps you to be more confident with your teeth and appearance. Primarily metal braces were used to straighten teeth or fix gaps between them. But due to many drawbacks of these metal braces sticking to our teeth invisible braces or invisible teeth aligners became more popular among the mass.The purpose of these braces is to provide comfort to the wearers and give good results so that more individuals are encouraged to this kind of treatment for teeth straightening. 

Various invisible braces are available in the form of ceramic, lingual, and translucent aligners. You are expected to choose the alternative that best suits you, based on a professional dentist’s advice that will guide you through every phase of the orthodontic procedure. To provide the desired results for the invisible braces, these should be handled and maintained properly. Make sure that you stand in front of the mirror during the first couple of times you put the tray in to facilitate the task. Remember not to bite the tray, because it can easily get hurt.

Additionally, being careful when getting the aligner out to avoid harm is important. Lukewarm water and toothpaste allow for good scrubbing and rinsing of the plate. Until putting it into your mouth make sure it is absolutely dry. In the meantime, don’t forget to clean your own teeth, because bacteria are likely to move from your teeth to the tray. For required results the invisible braces should be worn 20-22 hours a day.

Reasons why many of the patients opt for invisible braces and aligners are:

  • Invisible braces that are barely visible can be worn day and night but also removed when needed.
  • Invisible braces are made of smooth materials rather than metal wires which irritate. These are easily removed, allowing for greater comfort and better oral hygiene while feeding.
  • Keep your teeth and gums safe during your Misaligned care, while brushing and flossing as normal.
  • Invisible braces can be used by most age groups including teens.