What is the first thing a person does when he has back pain or headache, he turns to Dr. Google for remedies. While this is okay for mild conditions, some people often turn to Dr. Google for serious conditions, too. Almost everyone today checks their symptoms online before visiting a doctor. But is this really safe? The answer to this is definitely not. You should not trust Dr.Google even though it is a much easier and cheaper option. 

The credibility of medical information is often doubted unless it is given by real doctors. You might find out what is wrong with you, but the key to curing it lies in the hands of a doctor. This is such a popular concern that among healthcare professionals there’s a running joke that if you google a symptom (any symptom), you’ll eventually be told you’re getting cancer. There is more chance google telling you that you have got a rare and incurable disease. This can turn you into a hypochondriac. So why you should not trust Dr.Google :

You could misdiagnose yourself

Many people not only google their symptoms but convince themselves that they have a particular disease on the basis of a five-minute web search. This could be dangerous especially if you opt for the treatment for that disease without proper consultation.

You could delay the actual treatment   

Symptoms tend to represent that something is wrong. You can postpone a much-needed trip to the doctor by merely depending on Dr. Google. Sometimes, a short delay in obtaining medical assistance may end up with some very dire consequences.

You can turn into a hypochondriac

Looking up your symptoms and their treatments constantly can turn you into a hypochondriac person. When your first choice for medical advice is Dr. Google, the risk of unnecessary stress, anxiety and finding inaccurate or even potentially harmful information is high

Dr. Google doesn’t know your health condition

Google definitely has a massive amount of knowledge and lacks discernment. Finding lists that sound like our symptoms is pretty straightforward, but Dr. Google doesn’t have the medical experience to consider the other variables that go into making a medical diagnosis, such as personal and family history. So there is no real MD with Dr. Google.

Knowing that Google may not be the most credible source to rummage through for symptom testing won’t stop someone from doing that. We are definitely living in a modern age and many of us are much more comfortable asking Google about our symptoms than a real human being. But when you’re having trouble seeking answers, Go to an actual doctor, cause he/she is going to look at your condition properly. Looking to Google can be your starting point, but it should never be your final stop for treatment.